Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Blog

I have decided to make a new blog to combine them insted of trying to keep up with 2 different blogs. 
You can find the new blog HERE

Saturday, March 5, 2011

We are home!

We are HOME !   I cant tell you how good it feels to be back in the USA. 

These two get along pretty well.

They were standing out front of our hotel dancing, singing and having a good old time.  Everyone was laughing at them.

I just love Shaman Island, I could not wait to get there.  It is very comfortable, and I love walking around there.

I found these cool Chinese outfits that I liked for the traditional "Red Couch" pictures only to find out later from Jordan that they were actually Korean dresses.

I got to meet an online friend Robin while in Guangzhou.  She was there getting her daughter Liliana.
Malia and Liliana got along very well and walked around holding hands.

Liliana and Malia playing inside Jordan's store.

Mikayla, Liliana and Malia walking around together.  Malia really took a shine to Mikayla, I can see why, she is a VERY sweet girl. 

Monday, February 28, 2011

Well, that was interesting

Well, that was interesting to say the least. After we checked in at the Victory hotel things went south from there. First the room (even though it was a suite) was VERY small. There was nowhere to put your clothes, you had to leave them all in the suit case. There wasn't even enough room in the room for all 3 large suite cases. Then, there was no internet, OK there was Internet, just not for me. I couldn't hook up with my laptop, which was not THAT big of a deal but I did have plans on updating the blogs. The funny thing was that I couldn't even get my email from the computer that was in the room that the hotel supplied either. I complained about it several times and all they said was everything was blocked. So I went to the hotel business center and paid 20 yuan to use theirs for 1/2 hour. I could do whatever I needed to do on that one though. Huh? I think the hotel for whatever reason had everything blocked in my room. So after 2 days of this I had enough and moved the White Swan hotel. And MAN do I feel much better!!!

Malani is found in an emergency room bathroom.  This is the entrance of the emergency room.

Anyone want a massage?
These two play together pretty well,

More tomorrow

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New pictures..

Malani is from the "country" it is a very poor area. I have tons of pics and video of the area but for now here are only a few

I find this sign hilarious, only because this is all you hear in the city.  The Chinese LOVE their car horns!!

This is the official paperwork.  It has Ming Hans hand print and my thumb print.  She is officially mine now.

This is a Taxi we were in from the town where Malani came from.  It is their version of the taxi and totally illegal in the Chinese Gov eyes.  He refused to take us to the city because he didn't want a big fine.  My mom and I laughed the whole time we were in it. 

This girl eats everything on her plate. 

This is what I have had for breakfast every morning so far,  and it is GOOD!

The girls have been entertaining themselves with these stickers,  they love sticking them all over Nana's face and each others.

Malani is adjusting extremely well.  There is a reason for that but I cant go into detail and announce it to the  public:(

Monday, February 21, 2011

~ We Have Her ~

We didn't go to the Civil affairs office to get her. We actually went above a bank at a place that you go to get married. We saw lots of people getting married. S he seemed really sad and I was told that she was taken from her foster family on Friday. Here she is at the place where we got her. Her and Malia just sat and colored while I did all the paper work.

After we got back to the room, we made noodles (she IS the master at noodles!)

The girls had a lot of fun bopping each other on the head with balloons. Malani has an evil laugh that tells you that she knows what she is doing. lol. She seems very happy so far and is all smiley and giggly for now. She is VERY curious about everything. She does play a little rough though. She is a chunk and a half I tell ya, S.O.L.I.D.  This girl is solid!! I weighed her and it says she weighs 45 lbs. Poor Malai weighs only 30 pounds so I can just see whats going to happen here. lol.

Here she is playing cards with my mother.  She thinks she is winning and jumping up and down,  She is very proud of herself. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

China Itinerary

Yeah!  We have our Itinerary!

2/16 ---Fly from Harrisburg to Newark, NJ then a straight flight to Beijing.
2/17--- Arrive in Beijing
2/18 and 19th---- Tour Beijing
2/20. Take Bullet train from Beijing to Shenyang. (This train goes approx 217 MPH)
2/21---Malani Day!  (Gotcha day)
2/22---Doing adoption related paperwork and interview
2/23---Apply for Malani's passport at the local police station
2/24---Touring Malani's home town
2/25---Receive Malani's passport/ fly to Guangzhou
2/26--Malani's physical and visa photo taken
2/27--Do more paperwork for consulate appointment
2/28--have TB test read/ shopping
3/1---Consulate Appointment
3/2---Free day/  which means shopping!
3/3--Take train to Hong Kong
3/4--Fly home!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Update and new picture

We got an update on Malani.  She weighs 39 lbs, that means she weighs 10 lbs more then Malia.  She is 3' 4" tall and has 22 teeth.  They also said that she recently had surgery to remove her tonsils, because was diagnosed her as having OSAHS (Obstructive Sleep Apnea Hypopnea Syndrome).
Also got a new picture !!!   Whoohoo,  I'm glad to see that they are letting her hair grow.